Learn how to master the perfect beach waves for any hair length from this tutorial with Chris May, hair stylist at HOB Academy. Chris shares his tips about what Wella Professionals products to use for achieving texture and create silky waves.

Step 1: Prep the hair using EIMI Sugar Lift to create texture. This will create a good foundation for long lasting waves.
Step 2: Dry the hair against the natural fall for volume.
Step 3: In the nape area, tong the ends of the hair to preserve the length.
Step 4: As you move up, tong closer to the root & twist the mid-lengths to create a beachy texture.
Step 5: Tong the front section away from the face and then alternate directions throughout.
Step 6 : Use EIMI Mistify Me Light for a natural hold & dress out the waves with EIMI Perfect Me using your fingers to break up the waves to create a lived-in texture.

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