Learn how to create a balayage on a bob haircut using our Illuminage technique for natural-looking results, from this step by step Wella Professionals tutorial.
Chris May from HOB academy shares his top tips on creating the perfect blend to create this fresh Illuminage look using Illumina Color and Blondor.

Formulas you’ll need for this look:
Color Formula: Lightening:
A) Blondor Freelights + 9% Freelights developer (1:1.5)
B) Illumina Color 10g 7/81+ 10g 9/19 + 20g 12%
Toner: Illumina Color
C) 15g 10/69+ 15g 10/81 + 60g 1.9%

Step 1) Section two triangles on the top to allow to work the underneath section first.
Step 2) Apply formula B from the nape area to the occipital bone in a freehand manner in diagonal sections.
Step 3) Above the occipital and for the sides, alternate formula A+B in a diagonal forward sectioning using weaves.

TIP: Using 2 different separators can help to keep track of what color you have placed where.

Backcombing TIP: Build up your backcombing rather than aggressively pushing it back, to make it easier to come out.

For the final two sections on the top: through the front section use Formula A to create a face frame. For the back larger triangle: work diagonally through this section using formula B to create a veil section. Develop for up to 40 min.

TIP: after rinsing, apply Blondor Seal and Care to make the backcombing easier to comb out. Tone using formula C on damp hair and develop up to 15min.

For styling: Use EIMI Thermal Image for heat protection.

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