Learn how to achieve the Layered Blonde look from the Illuminated Colors Movement with this step by step video, featuring Illuminated Colors Movement Artist Briana Cisneros.

The color layering technique is brought to life in this multi-dimensional color result by prelightening the hair with Blondor and glossing with different color tones using Color Touch. Color Touch is perfect for prelightened hair because it adds shine and clarity to the color.

Tip: Warm colors reflect light and cool colors absorb light. Use this rule when working with shadows and highlights.

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Step 1: Create Formula A 90g Blondor Multi Blonde Powder +135 g 6%+ 9g Wellaplex No1
Step 2: Apply Formula A to the lengths and ends. Develop until very pale yellow.
Step 3: Once the lengths and ends have developed, apply formula A to the roots.
Step 4: Remove with Indigo Color Protection Shampoo and Blondor Blonde Seal and Care
Step 5: Create 2 new formulas with Color Touch +Color Touch Emulsion.
For the roots: 10g 9/96 + 5g 7/86+ 30g 1,9%
For the ends: 5g 9/97+ 10g 10/0+ 30g 1,9%
Step 6: Layer the 2 formulas by applying formula B on the roots and formula C on the ends.
Step 7: Develop for 20 mins.
Products shown in video:

Color Touch:
Invigo Color Protection Shampoo:
Blondor Blonde Seal and Care:
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